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Duck & Goose Products

Duck & Goose Products

Must be over 18 to place an order.

Avian Fashions and The Goose's Mother (inventor of the Duck & Goose Diaper Harness) have teamed up to make diapering downy bottoms a ducky experience! Through many years of loving ducks and geese as pets, The Goose's Mother has created a wide range of products for the smallest duckling to a full grown goose! ALSO, be sure to check out the book "Duck! There's a Goose in the House" for everything you need to know about raising one of these amazing animals. If you are a new "parent," we invite you to review the IMPORTANT FACTS page on The Goose's Mother website.

We invite you to join our Facebook page called "Duck Duck – There’s a Goose in the House", an on-line community for families with ducks and geese as pets. Be sure to introduce yourself and post a photo of your feathered friend!

PLEASE NOTE: Some duck and goose products may be shipped separately.

NOTE: Avian Fashions is pleased to accept your on-line order for Duck & Goose products. However, if you have questions regarding the status of your order, or if you need to return or exchange your purchase, please contact The Goose's Mother directly at 520-631-3320 or email

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