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Jr. Style Hoodies for Smaller Birds

Avian Fashions is pleased offer our newly designed Jr. Style Hoodies which come in four sizes specifically for smaller birds!

  • The Jr. Small will fit birds that normally wear a Jr. Small FlightSuit such as Green Cheek Conures.
  • The Small will fit birds that normally wear a Small FlightSuit (such as baby or smaller Cockatiels, Dusky Conures, Jenday Conures and Myers Parrots).
  • The Jr. Style Medium will fit birds that normally wear a Medium FlightSuit (such as adult Cockatiels, Sun Conures and Quakers).
  • The Jr. Style Large size has been specifically designed for birds that wear a Large FlightSuit (such as a Blue Crown Conure, Nanday Conure, Ring Neck Dove, Rainbow Lorie, Hahns Macaw and Pionus).

All of our Jr. Style Hoodies feature a sporty decorative pocket and stylish hood. The Medium and Large size Hoodie easily slips over your bird’s head and the Jr. Small and Small Hoodie features a snap closure in the front. All Jr. Style Hoodies feature Velcro closures around the wings.

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