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Pigeon Products

Welcome to the Avian Fashions' Pigeon Place! Due to the increased popularity of pigeons as wonderful pets, we continue to see more and more customers requesting FlightSuits for these birds. In fact, we have recently created a size specifically for the most common pigeon size – we call it the Custom Wide FlightSuit. Currently, we are making the Custom Wide FlightSuit in of a limited number of colors and prints (you can order below). Please check back as we continue to add more choices.

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Pigeon Products

What Size Should I Order for My Pigeon?

Although many pigeons will fit in a Custom Wide FlightSuit, we have discovered that pigeons vary greatly in size. It is crucial that we obtain two measurements to ensure a proper fit: the girth and the length (see “How do I Measure My Pigeon?” below). Avian Fashions has recently created three new FlightSuit sizes specifically for plumper/larger pigeons and ones that require a larger tail hole (such as the Fantail Pigeon). This new line features adjustable straps and a double back with elasticized tail hole. Due to these added features, the price for the P1, P2 and P3 FlightSuits is $36.99. They are not yet available in our on-line shop, but please call us at 888-412-7667 or email us at if interested.

How Do I Measure My Pigeon?

NOTE: Instead of a tape measure which might frighten your bird, you can also use a string or ribbon. Just mark it and then measure with a ruler or tape measure.

1. Measure around the whole bird (the girth) at the fattest part, but don’t include the wings in the measurement (so go all the way around – like you are measuring your waist - but under the wings).

2. Measure the distance between the nape (base) of the neck to where the tail feathers begin on the body – along the bird’s back.

For measurements 7.75” to 9” in girth and 4.75” to 6” in length, we recommend the Custom Wide FlightSuit. For different species of pigeons, we have started a preliminary size chart below (we will continue to update the chart as more information becomes available). NOTE: Even though we indicate a possible size below, we still need your pigeon’s measurements. If ordering another size of FlightSuit, you will be asked for measurements on the product page.

Custom Wide FlightSuit

Custom Wide FlightSuit
I am providing two measurements (in inches)(see instructions here):
Price: $26.99
  • This reusable bird diaper (FlightSuit) collects droppings in the patented poop-pouch and keeps droppings away from you and your bird anywhere, anytime. Made of lightweight, stretchy Lycra fabric, the FlightSuit easily slips on and off your bird with Velcro fasteners. Just insert a disposable FlightLiner in the poop-pouch to extend use and cut down on the need to wash. Use with our leash system (Leashette, Lanyard or Anchorline) to enjoy time outside of the cage and to prevent dangerous "fly aways" – perfect for travel!

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