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PLEASE NOTE: The DiaperGuard does NOT serve as a duck diaper. It is an accessory to our Diaper Harness as an extra layer of protection (please read full description below).

I understand that the DiaperGuard does NOT serve as a duck diaper.
Price: $15.00
  • The DiaperGuard prevents problems and helps to train your little feathered friend. It attaches easily to the Duck Harness and is comfortable to wear. Made of a lightweight cotton fabric, it prevents ducks that go through phases of pulling diapers, pulling off pieces or even "flinging poo!" Fortunately, ducks learn better, but in the meantime, a DiaperGuard can save the day!

    The DiaperGuard is available in a variety of fabrics including red, brown, black, pink, light blue, navy blue, white, matching checks, bandana, camouflage or denim. If you have a special fabric request, please contact The Goose's Mother directly at 520-631-3320 or email Price: $15.00 or three for $40.00.

    Use the Quantity drop down to select 3 - $40.00 to receive the special pricing.

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