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Everyday Birdie Bandanas

Everyday Birdie Bandanas
My bird is average size and listed on the Avian Fashions' Size Chart.
I am a previous customer and know this size fits my bird.
Please check this box and provide measurements if:
  • My bird is unique and not listed on the size chart.
  • My bird is unusually small or large.
  • My bird is a pigeon.
I am providing two measurements (in inches)(see instructions here):
I understand that FlightSuits are not for Ducks and Geese. I also understand that birds need at least 3-5 days of conditioning time before wearing a product from Avian Fashions and that birds should be supervised at all times.
Price: $4.99
  • Avian Fashions is pleased to offer the Birdie Bandana! It is a great way for your bird to show a little style for trips around town or just to be the center of attention - can be worn with or without a FlightSuit. The Bandana features elasticized cording and a toggle bead for easy on and easy off. Comes in a variety of cotton prints; please check back as we continue to expand the line. The Birdie Bandana comes in five sizes:

    Size 000: Fits birds that wear a Jr. Small or Small FlightSuit such as Green Cheek Conures, Pineapple Conures, Black Capped Conures, African Senegals and smaller Cockatiels.
    Size 00: Fits birds that wear a size Small or Medium FlightSuit such as Senegals, Cockatiels, Quakers and Sun Conures.
    Size 0: Fits birds that wear a size Large FlightSuit such as Pionus and Hahns Macaws.
    Size 1: Fits birds that wear a Wide or X-Wide FlightSuit such as Goffin Cockatoos, Timneh African Greys, Amazons, Congo African Greys and similar birds.
    Size 2: Fits birds that wear a size X-Large or Jumbo FlightSuit such as Umbrella Cockatoos, Moloccan Cockatooes and similar birds.
    Size 3: Fits birds that wear a size Mammoth or Colossal FlightSuits such as Blue and Gold Macaws, Catalina Macaws, Green Wing Macaws, Hyacinth Macaws and similar birds.

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