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Bunny Ears

Bunny Ears
My bird is average size and listed on the Avian Fashions' Size Chart.
I am a previous customer and know this size fits my bird.
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  • My bird is unique and not listed on the size chart.
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  • My bird is a pigeon.
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Price: $11.99
  • Dress your bird with these cute bunny ears for Easter and throughout the year when you just want to have a little fun! This new design features bendable ears and a matching soft velvet elastic strap. Bunny Ears look great with our Aqua, Raspberry Smoothie, and Rainbow FlightSuits. Choose from Pink, Aqua or Yellow.  The Bunny Ears are offered in three sizes: SIZE 1, SIZE 2 and SIZE 3.

    • SIZE 1 fits birds that normally wear a Wide or X-Wide FlightSuit
    • SIZE 2 hats will fit birds in the X-Large and Jumbo category
    • SIZE 3 will fit Mammoth or Colossal birds

    Price: $11.99 each.

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