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Duck & Goose Diaper Harness

Duck & Goose Diaper Harness
Price: $34.95
  • While the Baby Harnesses are a temporary fix for baby ducks, our adult Diaper Harness will become an important part of your bird’s life! (A harness that is worn every day will last a year or more.) Made of a soft, stretchy fabric, the Diaper Harness is comfortable and does not impede movement; they can be easily washed and quickly dried. Each harness features attachments for outfits and a loop to attach a leash (we recommend a retractable dog leash).

    The harness holds a piece of baby (human) disposable diaper and once they are adults, the diaper usually needs changing about every 4 hours and most can wear the harness overnight at about 5 months. Older ducks and geese can last up to 8 hours. The Diaper Harness is available in four colors: red, black, beige and white.

    Please Note: All Diaper Harnesses are made-to-order; please allow a minimum of two weeks for shipment of any Diaper Harness order.

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