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Ducky Diner Set

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Ducky Diner Set
Price: $34.95
  • NO MORE MESS! Your pet duck loves to play in the water, get their food wet and shake food and water everywhere! One of the biggest complaints from in-house duck and goose owners is the mess made with food and water, but don't let this distract from the pleasure of enjoying one of these wonderful friends – there is a solution!

    Our Ducky Diner Set includes two plastic containers, a stoneware mug and a food dish. The clear plastic holders keep splashes off the walls and catch drips. The easy-to-clean stoneware mug is wide enough for the bird's head so it can wash its eyes, but is not big enough to play in (and the wide, non-slip bottom prevents "turnovers"). With the food and water separated, the food will stay almost completely dry in its stoneware dish. The larger mug is suitable for large ducks & geese and holds 24 oz. Small ducks would be more comfortable with the smaller mug which holds 16 oz.

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