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FlightTrainers (Basic Starter Kit)

FlightTrainers (Basic Starter Kit)
My bird is average size and listed on the Avian Fashions' Size Chart.
I am a previous customer and know this size fits my bird.
Please check this box and provide measurements if:
  • My bird is unique and not listed on the size chart.
  • My bird is unusually small or large.
  • My bird is a pigeon.
I am providing two measurements (in inches)(see instructions here):
I understand that FlightSuits are not for Ducks and Geese. I also understand that birds need at least 3-5 days of conditioning time before wearing a product from Avian Fashions and that birds should be supervised at all times.
Price: $15.99
  • Our Basic Starter Kit with FlightTrainers is the perfect way to introduce and condition young birds to FlightSuits. With low risk and a nominal investment, this no-frills FlightSuit will allow your bird to become familiar with wearing a garment. Each kit comes with a FlightTrainer (available in white only) and also a package of FlightLiners. Not refundable – Avian Fashions will exchange for size only. Price: $15.99 (all sizes). NOTE: If White is temporarily out of stock in your size, we will substitute another color.
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