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Price: $34.95
  • The LugaDuck is a handy dome bag that lets you take your duck everywhere! They love to go with you, but since they can't walk very fast and are sometimes banned from certain areas, the LugaDuk solves all your problems. It makes a nice little 'nest' for your duck at home, in a hotel or while visiting – also makes a great car seat!

    If you take your duckling out in it when it is young, your duck will look forward to getting in and going places. Older ducks should be allowed to investigate the LugaDuck on their own and become familiar with it before going for a ride.

    The Lugaduck feature portholes on each end so your duck can ride comfortably and see everything. The ports can also be closed with Velcro flaps (if it’s best your duck isn’t seen). There is even a side pocket to hold the all important extra diapers!

    LugaDuk collapses flat easily and quickly by removing the plastic tubes; then the tubes can be stored inside. It only takes a few seconds to re-insert tubes and you're ready to go. Choose Small for ducks 4 lbs or under (with the exception of the Indian Runner; they are tall so choose the large size). Price: $34.95

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