Mid Sized Let it Snow Hoodie

Mid Sized Let it Snow Hoodie

Product Details

The Let it Snow Hoodie captures the beauty of a winter wonderland while keeping your bird nice and cozy. Hoodie features blue knit fabric with snowflake fabric for the hood lining - looks great with a Royal Blue or White FlightSuit. Hoodie easily slips over your bird's head and Velcro closures fasten around the wings. NOTE: The Medium and Large Hoodies do not feature a beaded lanyard as smaller birds don't tolerate this extra weight.

The Medium will fit birds that normally wear a Medium FlightSuit such as Sun Conures and Quakers. The Large size has been specifically designed for birds that wear Large FlightSuits such as a Blue-crowned Conure, Nanday Conure, Ring Neck Dove, Rainbow Lorie, Hahn's Macaw and Pionus.