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Therapy Bird FlightSuit

Therapy Bird FlightSuit
Front Cross and Back Therapy Bird Patch (add $10.00)
Back Therapy Bird Patch only (add $6.00)
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I understand that FlightSuits are not for Ducks and Geese. I also understand that birds need at least 3-5 days of conditioning time before wearing a product from Avian Fashions and that birds should be supervised at all times.
Price: $21.99
  • The primary purpose of a Therapy Bird is to provide affection and comfort to people in hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, schools, hospices, disaster areas, and to people with learning difficulties. Therapy birds are privately owned and tend to visit facilities on a regular basis. Although therapy animals provide a very important therapeutic service to all kinds of people in need, they are not considered "service animals" and they and their handlers have no protections under federal law. However, some states afford therapy animals their handlers rights and protections. For more information on the Therapy Bird designation and to register your bird, please visit Pet Partners at

    NOTE: We highly recommend that this be purchased by repeat customers only. It is a custom FlightSuit and cannot be exchanged for size. We offer the Therapy Bird FlightSuit with two options. The first features both a white cross applique on the front center of the FlightSuit and the Therapy Bird patch on the back Velcro strip which allows your bird to be identified easily from the front or back (Price: add-on $10.00) The second option features just the Therapy Bird patch on the Velcro strip (Price: add-on $6.00). Choose from Orange, Red, Black, White or Royal Blue in size Jr. Small thru Colossal.

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