Time to Share the Love!

Thank you for your help! Sales of the popular Lovey-Dovey FlightSuits from the “Share the Love” Campaign in February have enabled us to give to three worthy bird rescues chosen by our Facebook followers. The money will be divided equally and sent to help them keep on doing the wonderful work they do to care for rescued […]

Birdie, It’s Cold Outside!

It’s winter here in the Northern Hemisphere, and bird owners look for ways to keep their tropical friends warm indoors during the cooler months. Here are a few ideas-especially helpful for fids that pluck or are missing feathers. FeatherSweaters – Each one is hand-knit with a stretchy neck that slips easily over your bird’s head, securing […]

Parrothood is Parenthood

I recently had the privilege of birdie-sitting Avian Fashions’ newest and youngest avian member, blue-crowned conure, Lola. She is 14 weeks of fluffy sweetness with a fantastic temperament ideal for wearing all the fashion we can throw at her! Taking care of this young birb (parrot-owner slang for baby bird) reminded me how much baby […]

Honey, Where Are My (Pigeon) Pants?

The release of white homing pigeons (often mistakenly referred to as doves) at weddings and other events may seem to be a beautiful thing, but many birds don’t make it home. It’s not uncommon to see a stunning white bird standing out among a flock of standard grey rock pigeons—that is very likely a homing […]