Avian Fashions Testimonials

Her First Hoodie

This is Sydney, my 4 month old African Grey Congo. We live in New Jersey so it can be cold here at times. I’m so excited that her new first hoodie arrived so fast! I put it on her right away. It went on so easy. Thank you so much Avian Fashions! Back to Home Page

No More Mess!

When I adopted my Sun Conure, Pepe, I always wanted to let him sit on my shoulder but it would always end up in a messy way, and then when I bought my Rainbow Lorikeet, Iris, it was even worse – she’s a pooping machine with her nectar diet! But I wanted to spend as much time as possible with them, and now I can with the bird diapers, they allow me to interact with them without having to clean up a big mess or worry about it getting all over my clothes or the carpet. So thank you Avian Fashions – I can now have the kind of relationship I want with my two happy parrots! ~ Laura F, Australia  Back to Home Page

Facebook Celebrity

I just had to send you this photo of my Herbie on his first day wearing his suit. He did great! This photo has made him a bit of a celebrity on my Facebook page. lol Thanks for making such an excellent product. ~ Aubrey A  Back to Home Page

A Family Portrait

Here is our one year old eclectus Kio wearing her blue flight suit for our holiday family photos in North Dakota! Kio’s blue flight suit matches so well people don’t ever even realize she is wearing it! Can you even see it?! Thank you for always providing us with such useful and quality products! We all appreciate it! Thanks again! ~ Denver, Ashley, and Kio Back to Home Page

Enjoying the Great Outdoors!

This is AJ, a Severe Mini Macaw in his Groovy flight suit. His favorite thing to do is hang upside-down. He gives lots of kisses and loves belly rubs. We love the Avian Fashions FlightSuit because it allows AJ to enjoy the great outdoors! Back to Home Page

Riding Shot Gun!

Your flight suits are the best! My Sun Conure (Sunny) is only 8 1/2 months. The first time I put it on her, I have to admit I was a bit fearful – but now we are pros. I put it on her everyday and now she doesn’t even squawk. I use the FlightSuit not only to keep the droppings off of me, but to make sure she doesn’t fall off of my shoulder. It also allows her to ride shotgun when we travel in the motor home and go on walks when we are camping. Oh. . . did I mention, I love, love,  love them! Back to Home Page

Hoodies keep Mick Warm!

Mick was used to wearing a harness out on the boat but, it can get a little chilly so we thought we would try one of your hoodies. He loves it! He looks forward to wearing it and always gets plenty of compliments. It’s easy to put on and we have now ordered him a different colored one! Love your stuff! Thanks! Back to Home Page

Where did you get that Outfit?

Love the FlightSuits!! My Sun Conure named Pumpkin is now happy with them too! We have two different ones and will be getting more. Pumpkin makes friends and admirers where ever we go and when asked where did you get his “outfit”? Avian Fashions of course!! Thanks again!!!! ~Tara and Pumpkin Back to Home Page

Safe Outside and Safe Inside

I am so thankful for Avian Fashions! Not only is my Deuce safe in them outside with his flight line but my couches and rugs are safe with him inside. I love the fun patterns and how easy they are to get in and out of. Even his first time was a piece of cake and I really can’t wait for more and more outings with him. Thanks so much for making such a fantastic product. ~ Stacey & Deuce Back to Home Page

Hiking with Doug

My husband and I take our Green Cheek Conure, Douglas, out with us when we go on walks or hikes. Before we had his adorable FlightSuit, we couldn’t feel safe doing that. Doug loves to be out in the city, at the cafe, in the car, and in the woods. When the dog gets a walk, so can he. His FlightAuit has surely made his life better, and enabled me to fulfill my responsibility to give him a full, textured, delightful life. And I don’t mind at all that it’s super cute! Back to Home Page

A Patriotic Albert!

Here’s a picture of Albert all dressed up in his Memorial Day outfit, complete with Uncle Sam Top Hat. He looks so cute, and the patients at the hospital (where he is a therapy bird) just LOVE him! He always brings a smile to everyone he encounters, and your FlightSuits are the icing on the cake! Everyone just LOVES them!!! Thank you, and keep creating beautiful FlightSuits!!! ~ Dyanna & Albert, the Blue & Gold Macaw  Back to Home Page

Amazing Transformation!

I just had to write you to say how much I love your FlightSuits. I Voodoo outside this past Sunday for a spring outing and initially put her standard pet store purchased harness on (the kind with the straps and buckles). Although trained to wear both the harness and FlightSuit, she was clearly agitated by the harness and wouldn’t stop chewing at it even long enough to enjoy being outdoors. I quickly took it off her and changed her into her FlightSuit and was amazed at the instant transformation in her demeanor. She didn’t pick at the FlightSuit at all and was not even the slightest bit bothered by it! Thank you for your wonderful products! ~ Julia N  Back to Home Page

Brilliant Product

Hi, I am so happy with your FlightSuit; it is a brilliant product. My conure is 2 years old now maybe more. She hates being touched on her wings, so I have been a little hesitant to buy a FlightSuit. Since I received it, my bird and I spend hours with each other. Now she doesn’t mind me touching her. I will be buying some more soon. Thank you again! ~ Abdul  Back to Home Page

Check Out Oscar in his Tux!

This is a picture of our beloved gentleman, Oscar, all dressed up. We have a few flight suits/leashes and we love them because they enable us to take our handsome little man wherever we go without having to worry about poo or him wandering off. ~ Lisa G.  Back to Home Page

Time for Football!

Here’s Jake in his new orange FlightSuit – he loves wearing it to watch the Cleveland Browns. Thanks again for wonderful colors and designs. Jake now sits with me while we watch the football games.  Back to Home Page

Harry Rides for Pediatric Cancer

Here’s a photo of Harry in HER flight suit. I purchased it because I am part of the “Sammy Rides” group of bicycle riders – grandparents riding for pediatric cancer – who will be bicycling 2,400 miles from Sun City (Phoenix) Arizona to Sun City Center Florida next March to May. We will also be bicycling 100 miles from here to the AARP Convention in Orlando, and I needed the FlightSuit, since Harry will be with me during the 3 days riding on my shoulder. Also, the FlightSuit will be needed when we visit sick children in hospitals along the way. ~ Jim Wheeler  Back to Home Page

Saves My  Carpet and Trevor Looks Fabulous!

Trevor is my pet pigeon. He was orphaned at 2 weeks of age and I took him in and cared for him. He is still only about 7 weeks old but he is the greatest guy! This is Trevor in his FlightSuit. He took to it right away as soon as I put it on the first time. When I took it off him, he picked it up in his mouth, put it down on the chair, then sat on it. I’ve had zero problems getting him to wear it. It saves my carpet, and Trevor looks fabulous! ~ Karen B., Canada  Back to Home Page

Zoie Brightens People’s Lives

Meet Zoie! He is my handsome 7 month old cockatiel. Zoie has only been wearing FlightSuits for 2 months but he has already learned to love them and associates the suit with fun times. He knows that his red suit allows him to leave his cage and wonder the house, his blue suit is for taking walks/flights outside (on his leash), and his tuxedo is for adventures away from the home. His FlightSuit has enabled him to visit my grandmother in the nursing home, have fun at family picnics, and his favorite… car rides!!! Thanks to FlightSuits, he is able to brighten the lives of all the people he meets . . . without leaving unwanted “presents” behind!!! Proud supporter of FlightSuits, Kay Lyn L  Back to Home Page

Ingenious! You all at Avian Fashions Rock!

Here’s a picture of my Quaker “SweetPea Thelonius” in his FlightSuit on our first walk around the neighborhood this year. He has a wardrobe of 5 different suits and we get lots of compliments. FlightSuits are awesome! I love that I can take my bird outside with me without worrying that he will fly away or get hurt. Ingenious! You all at Avian Fashions rock!! ~ Susan F.  Back to Home Page

Great for Pacific Parrotlets!

My male Pacific Parrotlet from Brazil has been wearing FlightSuits since she was just a baby. She is now 3 and ½ years old. Thanks for making such an incredible product. ~ Marilene  Back to Home Page