20 Years and Counting!

Mark and I feel so blessed to be celebrating 20 years in the business of giving birds and their owners FlightSuit freedom! … A lot can happen in 20 years! When we lived in San Diego in 1996, Mark was a Supply Corp Officer in the Navy and I was a Navy Nurse Reservist. At […]

A Message from Lorraine

Over the years we have had quite a few feathered friends come and go. One would think that having gone through the grieving experience it would get easier each time. But as we found last April, when we lost our beloved 23-year-old conure Rainbow, that was not the case. So many emotions flood your mind […]

Rescue Spotlight: Project Perry

Avian Fashions recently attended a very special open house to view and celebrate Project Perry’s new Bob Barker Macaw Aviary. Project Perry, an avian rescue and rehabilitation center, applied for and received a generous donation from Bob Barker’s DJ&T Foundation which they were able to use to build a new 3,900 square foot macaw aviary, acquire additional land […]

Outdoor Fun and Safety

Here in the Northern hemisphere, summertime is well underway and of course it’s the perfect time to take your avian companion outside in her FlightSuit. But bringing her outside is more than just a fun activity–did you know that sun provides essential UV light that promotes optimum bone and feather health? As if we needed […]