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We are so pleased to work with such wonderful bird breeders around the country and world by offering FlightSuits at substantial savings. The best time to acclimate birds to FlightSuits is when they are babies! We believe that FlightSuits allow for greater stimulation and interaction outside the cage, providing owners with more time and peace of mind as they enjoy their birds. The list below features breeders that "FlightSuit train" their babies. If you are interested in learning more about our Breeder Program, please call us at 888-412-7667 or email


Magnolia Bird Farm
12200 Magnolia Avenue
Riverside, CA 92503

Wisconsin Parrots
John Rowley
Montreal, Wisconsin

Pampered Peeps
Beth Lee Dales
Waddell, Arizona

Patricia Kessinger
Radford, Virginia

Tiffany Mazzarella
Cockatiel Breeder
Northeast Connecticut

Gloria’s Parrots
Gloria Montoya
Fort Lee,  New Jersey


Gold Coast Aviaries - Australia
Deanna & Bailey Watts
Mobile: 0420 353 237

The Parrot Package
Trish Saltalamacchia
New South Wales, Australia
(02) 4283 3054

Fuzzy Featherz Aviary - Canada
Airdrie, Alberta