Introducing the FlockSuit!

We all know the chicken crossed the road, but what do you get when you cross a FlightSuit with a Flockstar? A FlockSuit! Avian Fashions and Two Creative Chicks (of America’s Got Talent and PuppyBowl fame) have teamed up to create the best chicken diaper on the planet! With our expertise in bird diapers and their expertise in chicken behavior (as well as their musical talents and love for chickens), we make a team that might just revolutionize chicken ownership.

Two Creative Chicks has created an awesome instructional video and we have also compiled a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions. You can determine the best size for your chicken based on breed and length measurement (see links below).

To join our “Flock” and learn more about our chicken diaper, head over to our Facebook page, FlockSuit Fashions. If you have questions, you can also email us at or call 888-412-7667.

FlockSuit FAQs
FlockSuit Size Chart
FlockSuit Features