Duck & Goose Diapers

Diapering your duck or goose is the first step to enjoying the rewarding experience of living with one of these amazing creatures. Our diaper products not only keep your house clean, it gives your little feathered kid the freedom to go where you go and do what you do! For baby ducklings or goslings, we offer a set of five Baby Harnesses in graduated sizes which can be used until your baby is approximately 4 weeks old. After 4 weeks, you will want to purchase our made-to-order Diaper Harness. If you need an extra layer of protection over the Harness, we offer the DiaperGuard in a wide range of colors and prints. NOTE: The DiaperGuard must be used with the Harness (not a diaper by itself). QUESTIONS? We invite you to read our FAQ by clicking here.