On Sale

Avian Fashions needs to keep inventory in-check, so this section features special, limited quantity deals on overstock and clearance merchandise. These are first quality FlightSuits that may only be available in certain sizes. If your bird’s size isn’t listed, please do not order; another size will most likely not fit your bird.

Please note that there are no refunds, exchanges or returns for overstock and clearance items. All sales are final. If you are unsure of your bird's size please call our toll free number at 888-412-7667 with the measurements below and we can best assist you in sizing.

In order to get the correct size for your bird, please take the following two measurements:

  1. Measure around the whole bird (the girth) at the fattest part, but don't include the wings in the measurement (so go all the way around, but under the wings).
  2. Measure from the nape of the neck to where the tail feathers begin on the body.