Pigeon Products

Welcome to the Avian Fashions Pigeon Place! Due to the increased popularity of pigeons as pets, we continue to see more and more customers requesting FlightSuits for these wonderful birds. Pigeons can fit into either our regular line of FlightSuits or our special P Series FlightSuits.

Regular FlightSuits

One thing we have learned over the past several years in diapering our pigeon friends is that each pigeon is unique and certain species may not necessarily fit into a specific size (due to varying degrees of plumpness!). However, we have created a FlightSuit specifically for the most common pigeon size – we call it the Custom Wide FlightSuit. For measurements 7.75” to 9” in girth and 4.75” to 6” in length, we recommend the Custom Wide which is available in all FlightSuit colors and prints. Just order below or look for Custom Wide in any FlightSuit pull-down menu.

If your pigeon is smaller or larger than the measurements listed above, we ask that you provide your measurements and we will select the best size to ensure a good fit.

How Do I Measure My Pigeon?

NOTE: Instead of a tape measure which might frighten your bird, you can also use a string or ribbon. Just mark it and then measure with a ruler or tape measure.

1. Measure around the whole bird (the girth) at the fattest part, but don’t include the wings in the measurement (so go all the way around – like you are measuring your waist - but under the wings).

2. Measure the distance between the nape (base) of the neck to where the tail feathers begin on the body – along the bird’s back.

P Series FlightSuits

The P Series is a natural extension of our work to provide a diaper that works for all types of pigeons and birds. For example, fancy pigeons (such as the Fantail Pigeon) require a little more room for those beautiful tail feathers. The P Series includes the following features (see diagram below):

  • Elasticized tail hole for more adjustability.

  • Adjustable straps for easy on and easy off.

  • Extra lining in the poop pouch to provide additional protection.

The P Series comes in four sizes – please measure your bird and use the size chart to determine the best size to order. Our P Series comes in two color choices: Blue Jean Baby and Rainbow. PLEASE NOTE: For all P-Series FlightSuits, we recommend using TWO liners to cover the larger poop pouch.

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