Junior Size Phantom Hoodie

Junior Size Phantom Hoodie
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(For example, UMBRELLA Cockatoo instead of just Cockatoo)

Product Details

Is it a dream — or just Halloween? Steeped in black birdie magic, Junior Size Phantom Hoodies are jet black with skull and crossbones snaps. Creepy, crackly black and white Lycra® lines the insides of the hoods. The snap(s) on the front closure makes the Hoodie easy to get on and off (one snap for Jr. Small and two snaps for Small).

The Jr. Small will fit birds that normally wear a Jr. Small FlightSuit such as Green-cheeked Conures. The Small will fit birds that normally wear a Small FlightSuit such as Cockatiels, Dusky Conures, Jenday Conures and Meyer's Parrots.