Mid Size Summer Crush Hoodie

Mid Size Summer Crush Hoodie
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Product Details

Bust out the picnic basket and checkered tablecloth and take your feathered friend on a picnic! Add to your bird's Hoodie wardrobe with this happy summery pattern of watermelons, flowers and refreshing lemons. Our new Summer Crush Hoodie features coral pink knit with a Lycra® watermelon-themed pocket and hood liner. Perfect for outdoor adventures or to keep your bird warm and cozy. Hoodie easily slips over your bird's head and features Velcro closures around wings. Please see pull-down menu for available sizes. NOTE: Mid Size Hoodies do not feature a beaded lanyard as smaller birds don't tolerate this extra weight.

The Medium Hoodie will fit birds that normally wear a Medium FlightSuit such as Sun Conures and Quakers. For Cockatiels, we recommend the size Small in Junior Size. The Large size has been specifically designed for birds that wear a Large FlightSuit such as a Blue-crowned Conure, Nanday Conure, Ring-necked Dove, Rainbow Lorikeet, Hahn's Macaw and Pionus.