Mid Size Unicorn Dreams Hoodie

Mid Size Unicorn Dreams Hoodie
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(For example, UMBRELLA Cockatoo instead of just Cockatoo)

Product Details

A horse of a different color! Unicorns are trending everywhere, and now they can bring their special magic to your flock! Our new Unicorn Dreams Hoodie features hot pink knit with a dreamy rainbow swirled pocket. All Hoodies are lined with silky Lycra® rainbow swirls to keep your bird living the fantasy! Hoodie easily slips over your bird's head and features Velcro closures around wings. NOTE: Mid Size Hoodies do not feature a beaded lanyard as smaller birds don't tolerate this extra weight.


The Medium will fit birds that normally wear a Medium FlightSuit such as Sun Conures and Quakers. For Cockatiels, we recommend the size Small in Junior Size. The Large size has been specifically designed for birds that wear a Large FlightSuit such as a Blue-crowned Conure, Nanday Conure, Ring-necked Dove, Rainbow Lorikeet, Hahn's Macaw and Pionus.