Blue Jean Baby FlockSuit

Blue Jean Baby FlockSuit
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Avian Fashions and Two Creative Chicks have teamed up to create the best chicken diaper on the planet! Levi Strauss meets Calvin Klein with this trendy Blue Jean Baby FlockSuit, complete with faux seams, pockets and belt loops! The FlockSuit features the following:
  • Three separate points of adjustability, giving each chicken a custom fit - it can be adjusted lengthwise, widthwise and around the tail.
  • Innovative T-Strap with loop design allows for maximum adjustability, comfort and safety.
  • Elasticized tail strap accommodates various tail sizes and helps to contain odors.
  • Fully-lined, waterproof poop pouch keeps droppings away from the bird and makes cleanup easy (allows owners to just dump contents in toilet and wipe clean).
  • Extra strong Velcro back strap keeps the FlockSuit in place and allows for length variability.
  • Made of soft and stretchy Lycra fabric for maximum comfort.