Deluxe FeatherProtectors - Back Closure

Deluxe FeatherProtectors - Back Closure

(For example, UMBRELLA Cockatoo instead of just Cockatoo)

Product Details

This FeatherProtector is specially designed for larger birds to protect the vulnerable breast and back areas plus under the wings. Made of heavy cotton spandex, it features an elasticized neck/waist, neoprene insert and fleece interior for added comfort. This style slips easily on and off the bird with a Velcro strip down the back and Velcro tabs under each wing. This product does not have a “poop-pouch,” thus there are no FlightLiners to change and so it can be left on for longer periods of time. Available in sizes Wide, X-Wide, X-Large/Jumbo, Colossal and Mammoth. You can also customize your Deluxe FeatherProtector with a number of different options (see ordering area above for details).
NOTE: Fabric color and trim may vary.