DIY Deluxe Poncho

DIY Deluxe Poncho

(For example, UMBRELLA Cockatoo instead of just Cockatoo)

Product Details

Our DIY Deluxe Poncho is designed for larger birds that pick and pluck their feathers. Similar to our regular DIY Poncho (please see link for full description and video), but instead of micro-fleece, the bottom layer is made of neoprene (scuba) fabric. Then we also added another layer underneath to prevent larger birds from flipping the Poncho up with their wings. It is designed for birds that pluck the tops of their wings or it can be worn in conjunction with one of our FeatherProtectors for overall coverage. We call it the DIY Deluxe Poncho because every bird is different and you now have the ability to create a solution based on your bird's needs. Available in size X-Large/Jumbo and Mammoth.

If you order the optional DIY Kit, we will add 3 sets of grommets to your Poncho and include a bag of recycled fabric strips, beads and cording. This will allow you to custom design the ultimate birdie distraction! Use the grommets to tie on strings, fabric, etc. (whatever you have around the house that your bird likes) – you can tailor the Poncho to what your bird enjoys the most and keep him or her busy. You can even cut the top layer of fleece to create fringe – you can also trim it shorter or leave it long. Think of the Poncho as the foundation for customizing the perfect plucking solution for your bird.