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Duckling Layette

Duckling Layette

Product Details

Everything your new baby duck will need for the first 4 weeks is included in the Duckling Layette.

Grip Mat Shelf Liner
Babies can't stand on anything slippery as their little feet slide out and they can develop splayed leg. The Grip Mat is comfortable and safe to stand on. The holes allow water to flow through to the newspaper below, keeping the floor dry and making clean-up simple. Roll of 12” x 10 feet.

Soft Momma Duck
This is a very special Mom! Soft and cuddly, this simple hand puppet allows you to put handwarmers inside to create a warm “Momma” without dangerous cords or hot lamps. Your baby can snuggle up under the wing of a warm Momma just as it would in nature. NOTE: Puppet may vary from photo.

We also include fourteen 18-hour handwarmers which should provide warmth for about two weeks.

Baby Harnesses
Baby ducks love to be with their human families and can sleep on you for hours. Our set of Baby Harnesses in four graduated sizes will make holding your duckling so much more enjoyable. At the same time, your baby duck or goose will get used to wearing a diaper. Baby harnesses hold a cut-out piece of sanitary pad (MaxiPad, etc.) and because ducklings eat a lot, they must be changed every 1 to 3 hours.

Food and Water Bowls
Babies love making a mess of food and water so we've tried to make it a little easier for you. Two 4" Terra Cotta, non-slip dishes prevent “turnovers.” After the first two or three days, you can separate the food and water and keep the food dry. These charming little dishes will also come in handy later to hold oyster shell, grit or treats in the Ducky Diner.

Baby Food
We also include a one pound bag of food to get your baby started. A non-medicated turkey and game bird crumble, it contains 18% protein - perfect for ducklings. When ducks reachabout 4 weeks old, you can start adding scratch (cracked grains) which cuts their amount of protein intake.


Understanding your new baby is very important and they love to play right away, so we offer the Duckling Layette Deluxe Package which includes all of the items above PLUS the book "DUCK! THERE'S A GOOSE IN THE HOUSE!" and a Wigalee Worm for only $75.00.