Frozen Shimmer Mid Size Hoodie

Frozen Shimmer Mid Size Hoodie
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Product Details

This limited edition Mid Size Hoodie features Tiffany blue knit fabric with a silvery hood lining that sparkles for a magical touch! An iridescent snowflake appliqué on the front and white pom-pom on the hood adds the finishing touches. Not only is this Hoodie wonderful for those holiday photo ops, but it will keep your bird warm and cozy all winter long. It easily slips over your bird's head and features Velcro closures around wings.

The Medium will fit birds that normally wear a Medium FlightSuit such as Sun Conures and Quakers. For Cockatiels, we recommend the size Small in Junior Size.

The Large size has been specifically designed for birds that wear a Large FlightSuit such as Blue-crowned Conures, Nanday Conures, Ring-necked Doves, Rainbow Lorikeets, Hahn's Macaws and Pionus.