Noodle Neck Soft Collar

Noodle Neck Soft Collar

(For example, UMBRELLA Cockatoo instead of just Cockatoo)

Product Details

This new product has been in the development stage for about a year and we are now ready to release it in limited quantities. The Noodle Neck Soft Collar features a soft but sturdy foam insert, encased in stretchy Lycra fabric. Just open the Velcro strap and position the Noodle Neck around bird’s neck. The Velcro strap wraps all the way around for the maximum amount of adjustability. You can even wear a Snugglie over the Noodle Neck for even more coverage. It is designed to restrict your bird’s movement just enough so they shouldn’t be able to reach feathers on their upper chest, tail, back, feet or wings. However, your bird should still be able to move around the cage freely and engage in play. We feel it is so much better and more comfortable than the rigid plastic collars that are commonly used. Right now, we have one size which is perfect for Umbrella and Moloucan Cockatoos as well as with Congo African Greys. Comes in three color choices: Blue Jean Baby, Rainbow and Gray.