Bake Thanksgiving Birdie Muffins!

Photo by Camelot Aviary: Here’s Pickle enjoying a tasty muffin!

While you are out grocery shopping this week for your festive Thanksgiving meal, just pick up a few extra ingredients to create these delicious Birdie Muffins (recipe compliments of Camelot Aviary in Austin, TX).  Do you bake anything special for your bird? We’d love to hear from you!


2 – Jiffy Corn Bread Mix Boxes

2 – Eggs (No Shells)

1 – 4 oz. Jar of Sweet Potato Baby Food

1 – 4 oz. jar of Green Bean Baby Food

1 – 4 oz. jar of Apple Sauce

1 Cup – Pellets (ground in a food processor) *

1 Cup – Mixed Vegetables

1/3 Cup – Walnut Pieces



Mix all of the ingredients well. Scoop into mini-muffin pan lined with baking cups. Bake at 400° for 12-15 minutes.

* ZuPreem NutBlend, for example.

From all of us at Avian Fashions, wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving!