On the Loose with a Goose!

  One of the great things about sharing our lives with birds is that they are adaptable companions. Some of them live with us in urban high rises, some are nestled in suburban homes. Some birds have their own rooms and some live in outdoor aviaries. And then there are those that live in recreational […]

Meet the Chicken Lady from South Jersey

Therapy and Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) come in all shapes and sizes, and birds are definitely a part of that mix. The fact that a bird’s droppings can be contained in a FlightSuit, duck diaper or FlockSuit, coupled with our official Therapy Bird or ESA patches, makes keeping a therapy bird clean and simple. FlockSuit […]

Let’s Talk About Sex!

“Ohmygoodness, Maddie laid an egg!” There was a little excitement around the office when Avian Fashions owner Lorraine showed everyone the egg that fashion model Maddie the Umbrella Cockatoo laid last month. It was about 1-1/2” long and perfectly formed. It seemed so strange that a parrot would suddenly lay an egg. Egg laying in our […]

New Spring Fashions!

New FlightSuit and Hoodie Launched Be the first to make an “impression!” You’ll want to gaze at our newest fashion creations—the Monet FlightSuit and Monet Hoodie! Inspired by Monet’s water garden at Giverny, this new print blends together splashes of pastel colors. Silky-soft Lycra® Monet Print FlightSuits will be available in sizes Petite through Colossal. […]