Adding Zen – Part 2

While some of our birds may enjoy wearing loud clothing, it is healthy for us to set aside some time for them to have quiet, anxiety-free moments. Here are just a few things we can do to calm our birds-and ourselves-in the process: 1) Breathe. Have you ever been in a bad mood when visiting […]

Add a Little Zen!

How can bird owners help keep their households Zen-like when springtime unleashes hormonal behavior in feathered companions? It’s not uncommon for a normally sweet bird to suddenly turn into a flesh-eating pterodactyl during this time of year in the Norther Hemisphere. Their eyes pin. Their feathers literally ruffle. They lunge unexpectedly. They begin wood chewing […]

Avian Fashions Testimonials

Her First Hoodie This is Sydney, my 4 month old African Grey Congo. We live in New Jersey so it can be cold here at times. I’m so excited that her new first hoodie arrived so fast! I put it on her right away. It went on so easy. Thank you so much Avian Fashions! […]

How it All Began

Here’s a quick look back at Avian Fashions and how it all began! Every bird owner knows it — poop happens. It’s this well-known fact plus a brilliant idea that has made the FlightSuit such a success – a product that is sold throughout the U.S. and internationally, with distributors in Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and Israel. The […]