Outdoor Fun and Safety

Here in the Northern hemisphere, summertime is well underway and of course it’s the perfect time to take your avian companion outside in her FlightSuit. But bringing her outside is more than just a fun activity–did you know that sun provides essential UV light that promotes optimum bone and feather health? As if we needed […]

Adding Zen – Part 2

While some of our birds may enjoy wearing loud clothing, it is healthy for us to set aside some time for them to have quiet, anxiety-free moments. Here are just a few things we can do to calm our birds-and ourselves-in the process: 1) Breathe. Have you ever been in a bad mood when visiting […]

Add a Little Zen!

How can bird owners help keep their households Zen-like when springtime unleashes hormonal behavior in feathered companions? It’s not uncommon for a normally sweet bird to suddenly turn into a flesh-eating pterodactyl during this time of year in the Norther Hemisphere. Their eyes pin. Their feathers literally ruffle. They lunge unexpectedly. They begin wood chewing […]

Avian Fashions Testimonials

Her First Hoodie This is Sydney, my 4 month old African Grey Congo. We live in New Jersey so it can be cold here at times. I’m so excited that her new first hoodie arrived so fast! I put it on her right away. It went on so easy. Thank you so much Avian Fashions! […]